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Synchronizing Songs

This is part four of the Tutorial.

Once you've matched all the songs that can be matched between two libraries*, you need to synchronize them. Switch to the Matches View and you'll see the five songs from both libraries.


Five Songs to be Synchronized

As you can see from the icon at the start of each line and the status at the end, all of the songs differ from one another in at least one way**: "Brass Monkey" and "License to Ill" have different user data (Rating, Play Count or Last Played), whereas the others differ by both song data (Name, Artist, Album or Genre) and user data.

We're going to take a look at synchronizing songs in the following ways:

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*A 100% match usually only occurs if the same library on different machines is synced relatively often.
**See Colors for more information about how TuneSync uses color to indicate status.