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TuneSync can match songs in many different ways, allowing for slight to massive differences between libraries. This makes it possible to change a Genre or Album name or fix the capitalization or spelling of a song title and still easily pick up a match in the other library.


Match Songs

First, you select how the parts of the song will be matched against each other, from strictest to most relaxed:

Next, you choose which parts of the song -- in addition to the title -- TuneSync should use to match a song, again, from strictest to most relaxed:

If you know that your two libraries are pretty "close" statistically or TuneSync, you'll do just fine with the default settings, which match only number and letters, with all parts of a song save the name optional. See below if your libraries are "farther apart" or very different.

When the match is complete, TuneSync shows the Match Results Window with the results.

Matching More Carefully

If TuneSync is making strange matches, you're better off undoing the default match (by reloading the libraries) and using stricter match options. For example, if both libraries have a lot of songs, but relatively little overlap (say only 50%), the odds are high that there are different songs with the same title. The most relaxed options, will, in this case, match those two songs. If you're not careful, you may accept this match and synchronize the Rating by accident.

In this case, it's best to do two matches: one using stricter options (e.g. with Artist set to Must Match) where you can be less careful about accepting those matches, and one using the default options, to pick up any remaining potential matches (e.g. where the Artist may have changed).

Though, in the end, you're making the same default match, it's applied to a much smaller subset of songs, which generates a much smaller list of songs that you should examine carefully.

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